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Ep. 205 - Protecting a town and calming down doggy daycare

Catch the full episode this Friday, March 27 at 9 p.m. Eastern/Pacific, 8 p.m. Central, only on Nat Geo Wild!

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Episode 205 - Tasi the Terrible

Tasi is out of control and aggressive toward everything. She’s also in danger of being put down unless Cesar can help her owners to rehabilitate her. Next, he drops in on Ebbie Lou, a miniature schnauzer that’s about to be banished from doggy daycare because of her disruptive, exited energy. Can Cesar calm this canine and get her a reprieve?


Ep. 205: Mastering the pack walk

Starting with the walk, Cesar teaches Kendra the fundamentals of pack leadership. She needs to be aware of her emotions and intentions in order to project calm-assertive energy. Only then will her dog Ebbie Lou be  rehabilitated.

For you and your dog

Emotion × intention = energy

Unless Cesar can help George and Mary reign in their dog Tasi, she may wind up being banished from town by the mayor himself. Next, Cesar helps a young waitress learn how to project calm, assertive energy in order to keep her schnauzer from getting kicked out of doggy daycare.



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