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About the Episode

Orange County whistleblower Debi alerts Cesar to her neighbors, the Dong family, who are afraid of their first family dog — a black Lab mix named Misty, who has bitten every member of the household. Debi and other neighbors have suggested the Dongs do the unthinkable: have Misty put down. Cesar immediately notices that she is showing signs of insecurity and, after working with the family, suggests taking her to his Dog Psychology Center to help her build confidence around his pack. Will Misty return home a changed dog for her human pack?

Cesar’s next stop takes him to whistleblower Brad, who is having major trouble with his sister Nicole’s Shiba Inu mix, Auggie, who constantly attacks Brad’s dog, Kimo, whenever the family is together. Cesar teaches Brad and Nicole about giving dogs boundaries as well as personal space, and points out that their nervous energy leads to aggression in their dogs. But can he overcome the real obstacle: Nicole’s fear that Auggie will go on the attack?


A Message from Cesar

Hi, everyone! Be sure to tune in to this week’s premiere episode of “Cesar 911,” where I start out by helping a family that’s afraid of their own dog, a black Lab mix named Misty. Misty has bitten every member of the Dong family and it’s gotten to the point where the neighbors have suggested they have the dog put down because of its aggression. But as soon as I took Misty’s leash, I realized what the real problem was, and I was determined to solve it. Seeing a family that wants to have a dog so much but which is also afraid of that dog is heartbreaking. I have to help turn Misty around.

Then, I meet Brad and Nicole, a brother and sister who are also next door neighbors, and whose dogs are tearing the relationship apart. Brad invites me to help with his sister’s dog Auggie, insisting that he’s the problem — but watch closely what happens when we bring Brad’s dog Kimo into the mix. This may be a case where I have more than one dog to rehabilitate.

Tune in and tell your friends to watch as I come to the rescue on “Cesar 911.” “Cesar 911” airs on Nat Geo WILD.

Cesar 911 Episode 1 Q&A

Q:  Are some breeds naturally more aggressive than others?

A:  No. Any breed can cause trouble. The difference between an aggressive Chihuahua and an aggressive pit bull is that the bigger breeds can cause proportionately bigger damage, although there is at least one case on record of a Chihuahua killing a human.

Bad things happen when powerful breeds (or mixes of powerful breeds) live with humans who like the breed but don’t understand and fulfill the animal in the dog. Many people consider the look or popularity of a breed before thinking about whether the dog works for their lifestyle. This is a recipe for disaster.

Q:  What makes a dog aggressive?

A:  There can be a few causes. In the cases of dogs that show fearful aggression, it’s because they have too much energy, which keeps their mind agitated and makes them more likely to lash out. Fearfully aggressive dogs require a lot of exercise to burn off that energy and settle their minds.

Dogs that are aggressive to other dogs are not getting the Pack Leadership from their humans that they should. When there is no strong leader, dogs will try to step into that role, and so their instinct upon seeing a strange dog is to protect their human because, to the dog, the human cannot protect his or her self.

The ultimate cause of dog aggression is the same as it is for every other canine misbehavior: The dog’s owner is not fulfilling the dog’s needs and is not taking on the role of Pack Leader.

Q:  Are aggressive dogs harder to rehabilitate?

A:  Surprisingly, no. In fact, if the owners work with me, these can be some of the fastest cases to turn around. It takes a lot more time and effort to rehabilitate timid or fearful dogs than it does to fix aggressive ones. A big part of the reason is that an aggressive dog responds a lot sooner to being put into my pack at the DPC and learning how to be a dog again, while it takes time and effort to even get a timid dog to join the pack.

Episode 1 Follow Up

Where Are They Now? Misty’s Family after “Cesar 911”
Misty’s mom, Alyssa Dong, describes their experience on “Cesar 911” as an amazing journey. Beyond Misty’s rehabilitation, Alyssa celebrates her new found self-confidence, which allows her to be the Pack Leader that Misty needs. It’s truly wonderful to see the Dong family’s transformation after training with Cesar. Tune in to “Cesar 911" on Nat Geo WILD.


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