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Episode 201 - Loaded Gunny

"It amazes me when people can be so calm and confident in one situation and not another, as was the case with the McKendricks. They have no problem controlling huge horses, but no control over their dog Gunny, which could tear their business and marriage apart. I came to work with the dog, but wound up being a marriage counsellor too."


Q&A with Cesar

Cesar, my marriage is also in trouble because of our dog. My husband and I argue all the time because he says I spoil her too much. I think he’s actually jealous. What do you recommend?

Sometimes, it’s not about the dog! You both need to communicate. Why do you think he’s jealous and have you asked him if he is? Has he told you exactly what behaviors of yours he considers spoiling the dog, and what’s acceptable? Remember: this is a discussion, not an argument. No defending your position, just explaining.
You both need to agree on the human rules around the dog, and then stick to them. And remember, your dog needs exercise, discipline, and affection, in that order. If you’re giving your dog nothing but affection, then I’m on your husband’s side here.

Our dog can be aggressive. After watching this episode, I’m now concerned for my children. How can I ensure they are safe around the dog?

Your children must be pack leaders, participating in walking and training the dog. One way to “dog proof” your children is to let them put out the food, making the dog sit and wait until commanded to eat.

Children also need to respect the dog’s space, never rushing up to it, or pulling its tail or ears, or hugging the dog when it isn’t interested. This reinforces your child’s pack leader role, because leaders never approach their pack. The pack comes to them. When your children are pack leaders, they’ll actually be safer with the dog around than not.

Cesar says Bastian and Gunny have “no rules, boundaries, and limitations.” What does he mean by that? I’ve heard it before, but don’t quite understand.

Rules, boundaries, and limitations are what define the behavior we want from our dogs. Rules are things like no jumping on the sofa. Boundaries are how we enforce rules, in this case, claiming the space around the sofa as ours and not letting the dog in. Limitations control the length or intensity — how long the game of fetch will last, how many times the dog can bark before a correction.

When dogs have no rules, boundaries, or limitations, it means the humans have no control, and dog’s instincts take over. In Gunny’s case, it was to attack the horses.

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