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Episode 205 - Tasi the Terrible

"When the mayor of your town is the one calling me for help, you know you have a problem! Unless I help George and Mary reign in their dog Tasi, they could all have to get out of Dodge by sundown. Next, I’ll teach Kendra how to check her own energy in order to keep her schnauzer Ebbie Lou from creating total chaos at doggie day care."


Q&A with Cesar

My dog hates my neighbor’s dog too. How can I fix this, Cesar?

Dogs don’t “hate” each other. That’s attributing human emotions to them. Dogs may show aggression toward each other, but that’s a form of protection in the moment. To fix the problem, first let go of the idea that it’s a personal issue between the dogs, then work on teaching your dog to be in a calm, submissive state when she’s in the place where she shows that aggression by redirecting her from it. Ideally, your neighbor can work on the same thing with their dog. Ultimately, you all should be able to take the dogs on a pack walk together.

My dog is aggressive like Tasi was. I can’t let her outside either. I don’t even know where to start. Help!

Start by consulting with a dog trainer to determine whether your dog is actually aggressive or not. People often misinterpret excited, high-energy behavior as aggression. This kind of behavior is best treated with a lot of exercise.

If your dog is aggressive, you need to figure out what is causing that aggression. For many dogs, the cause is a lack of fulfillment. For example, a herding breed has nothing to herd, so redirects that instinct toward other people and animals, in which case something like agility training will help fulfill that need. Finally, aggressive dogs need calm, assertive pack leadership.

It was great to see Tasi hanging out with other animals. How can I get my dog to do the same, Cesar?

It begins with you and your energy. If you’re not calm when your dog is around other animals because you’re afraid of a fight or an attack, then your dog will not be calm around them either. You have to project confidence so that your dog will not feel the need to protect you. Remember, in this episode, Tasi was fine with horses and other dogs until Mary got too close and her energy triggered Tasi’s need to protect. Once you’re calm, then it’s time to take your dog for some socialization training to get her used to other animals.

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