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Episode 212 - Nani Nightmare

"I have a particular challenge with aggressive pit bull Nani, especially since she attacks other dogs, including her owner’s boyfriend’s. It’s going to take a huge change in energy from Sydney, Nani’s owner — especially after her presence leads to a bad fight between Nani and her boyfriend’s dog, Blitz. This one is going to take all of my skills and a veterinarian to solve."


Q&A with Cesar

When Cesar was correcting Nani he said it was about follow-through. How do I follow through with my dog? Why is this important?

Follow-through means applying the rules, boundaries, and limitations you’ve set consistently, and always correct your dog when she’s misbehaving. If you’re a calm, assertive Pack Leader in one moment but become over-excited or tense the next, you’ll confuse your dog. If you teach your dog not to beg at the table but then someone gives her food, then the rule becomes unclear and your dog will try to test the boundaries. When you’re consistent, your dog will begin to anticipate what you want and do it instinctively, but you still need to provide guidance and correction when she does misbehave

Nani’s problem was that her owner did not have calm, assertive energy. How do I train myself to have calm, assertive energy

Most importantly, learn to live in the moment. If your dog got in a fight with another dog in the past, that’s the past. Let it go. And don’t anticipate bad things that could happen on the walk or in the dog park. Your energy clues your dog in on what you want, and if your energy is weak or negative, your dog will either go on alert in order to protect you or go into retreat because you’re not protecting him. Remember: Expectation equals outcome. Focus on positive, happy expectations and being calm and assertive will become second nature

Cesar said that exuding calm, assertive energy is the only way Sidney could become the Pack Leader for her dog. Would I need to have calm, assertive energy only around my dog, or at all times?

While calm, assertive energy should be the norm when you’re around your dog, it’s a good thing to have in all aspects of life. If you’re dealing with a difficult situation with another person, having calm, assertive energy can help defuse conflict and tension. Becoming emotional or getting into a shouting match never resolves anything. People actually respond positively to calm, assertive energy, like dogs do; it’s just like the old saying, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” This is another example of how finding balance with our dogs carries over into the rest of life

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